Let’s dance!

Join us to try new dances every week! ūüôā From now on you can enjoy Greek, latin, disco music, moving and good company every Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm at Karavela 12!

Self-development Encounter Group

WHAT IS AN ENCOUNTER GROUP? An opportunity to come together in a group setting and share any thoughts and feelings in a safe environment to gather and share alternative perspectives on your own and others situations. This process enables growth of inner strength and purpose to face life challenges. Join us every second Wednesday from […]

Big clean-up of the Lagoon

Let’s clean the Lagoon! All the volunteers of Solidarity Tracks want to take care of this amazing place so we propose to do something together: a big clean. We will count with the help of PlasticFreeGreece, the Greek platform that is fighting against plastic waste and creates different events of cleaning beaches all around Greece. […]

Novelty: the Little French Corner!

Do you want to try something new from Time Bank? Did you study French at school but didn’t practice for a long time? The Little French Corner is for you!¬†ūüôā French vonunteers of Solidarity Tracks will organise short and fun sessions to refresh your speaking skills, join us tomorrow!

Join the New Band of Lefkada!

Do you want to enjoy playing music and create something together? We are a forming band/orchestra and we are looking for members who play any musical instruments. About us: we are hobby and professional musicians whose aim is to enjoy playing music together and create a group with which we can realise our ideas. The […]

Fishing lesson

Would you like to know more about the sea? And sea life? Do you want to learn the best ways to fish different kinds of fishes? Are you interested in tricks and tips from a local expert? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, join our facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1376577495739373/?ref=group_browse_new We are going to […]

The talking hands 2.

It is going to be the second time that Cherif, volunteer of Solidarity Tracks will hold a workshop on Spanish sign language. Take this unique opportunity because he will finish his Evs soon! Last time we got familiar with the history and the alphabet of Spanish sign language and this time you will have the […]

The talking hands

The talking hands Cherif, volunteer of Solidarity Tracks will explain us his way of communication, the Spanish sign language. If you are interested in learning to say your name with your hands, join us on Tuesday 23 January at 19:00 o’clock at Solidarity Tracks office (Karavela 12, Lefkada). ‚ÄúMy eyes are like my ears, my […]

Opening of Time Bank 2018 spiced with Salsa

This year plenty of useful, energetic and interesting activities are waiting for you in Time Bank: Spanish lessons, salsa lessons, sign language workshop, film-club, hiking, fishing, intercultural nights and a lot more! You can get more information about these activities and meet the new coordinator of Time Bank. We are eager to know if you […]