Recharge your TIME!

Come to check with us the news and to share all the memories , we will close together the season of Time Bank but we will not stop to do amazing projects. I promise you it will be a great evening.

June arrived

Do you want surprises? Weekly calendar to finish and start the month! Yoga in Aios Ioannis , movie night and discussion, and french surprises! for more information send us a facebook message! see you !!!

Stay bright, stay active!

Dear Lefkadians, Did you enjoy yesterday’s Spanish Cultural Night? We did have a great time and thank you all for coming! For next week, we have prepared some sports and cultural activities: On Tuesday at 6pm, one of our volunteers will introduce us to the arts of Body Combat. On Thursday at 6pm, another volunteer […]

Mid-May Weekly Calendar

Hello everyone! Summer is slowly coming ☀️ here and I hope you are well! In the program for the next week : On Tuesday afternoon at 6:00pm, drawing workshop with our new volunteer, Ania. To your pencils… Draw! On Thursday, a new edition of our famous Cultural Night! Our Spanish 🇪🇸volunteers propose you a trip […]

Sun, Flowers and TimeBank Activities!

καλημέρα! the activities for the next week: on Tuesday 9, we will share a tea, learning or practicing knitting at 5:30pm on Wednesday 10, come to follow the music with Zumba at 7:00pm! on Thursday 11, First contact impro in Agios Ioannis at 5:00pm and Movie night with the hungarian movie “Mom and Other Loonies […]

Here comes May… with some relaxation!

Hello Lefkadians! We welcome the first week of May with two relaxing events and one movie night full of emotions: on Wednesday 3, at 18:00 we will offer Yoga Class on Agios Ioannis Beach on Thursday 4, at 21:00 we will show the acclaimed Argentinian movie “Relatos Salvajes” (“Wild Tales”), a black comedy anthology film […]


Ready to celebrate Easter with your family and your friends? For the next week we waiting you for our news events: – On Wednesday 19 at 6:30: Yoga on the Beach ! Join us at 6:00 front of the office, or at 6:30 on Agios Ioannis beach to share this moment of relaxation with us. – […]

Let´s enjoy the sun this week!

Καλημέρα !! We are planning how to spend our Easter in Lefkada! But … This week we will enjoy Fishing lessons on Tuesday 11 at 5 pm, sun and philosophy about lifetime … And we will start on Thursday 13 to move our body for the weekend at 8 pm after that we can go […]

April has come… with new events!

Good Morning Lefkadians! The sun shines ☀️, the fragance of the flowers 🌸🌺🌼floats in the air and the temperature becomes warmer.. spring is here!🍀🍃 It make us want to go looking for an adventure, discover new horizons. Fasten your seatbelt… we take off! ✈️ First stop Tuesday at 5:00: come to participate in our expedition […]

March goes by in a week full of events!

Hello Lefkadians! We hope you are enjoying the nice weather in this last week of March. Before April makes its way, we have prepared a week full of activities; one for each day! So these are the five events awaiting you: Monday at 7:00: learn how to create your Europass CV and Cover Letter with Helena! […]