September 23 – Lefkada Time Bank Birthday Party



On 23rd September we celebrated the 3rd Birthday of the Lefkada Time Bank initiative.

The evening began with a self-presentation of the newest Time Bank coordinator, Emőke Sipos, who arrived from Romania, and will spend a whole year in Lefkada as a volunteer.

Besides skimming through the most important past events and relevant changes which will follow in Time Bank, we had a lot of fun. Most of the games focused on the importance of time and mutual help, so learning by playing, finally all the members shared with us their gives and wants. We had already found matching offers and wants during the evening like Spanish lessons or sharing computer skills.

The last moments were reserved for the announcement of the evening’s biggest question: how old is Time Bank? The ones who guessed it received one hour time credit in their Time Bank Accounts. Tired after a lot of games, finally the delicious cake was served, and we closed our evening with a pleasant conversation.

Check out the pictures of the opening night:

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