Time Bank weekly calendar

Check out our events for the next week.

Monday 14th of November, 7 pm
Start the week with yoga.

Tuesday 15th of November, 8 pm
Salsa and bachata dance lesson
Join to our dance lesson. We will practice together salsa and bachata.

Wednesday 16th of November, 5 pm
Spanish lesson
Come and learn Spanish with our native speaker volunteers from Spain

Wednesday 16th of November, 7 pm
Recycling workshop: Christmas decoration
In this seminar we will make little presents for Christmas, using the technique of Collage and Decollage. We will explore unfamiliar materials like recycled papers and magazines or natural materials like leaves, bark, twigs and driftwood.

Thursday 17th of November, 9 pm
Movie night
Lefkada Time Bank launches weekly movie projections. The chosen movies will be connected to current topics, relevant  problems to reflect important issues. In this week we will watch another  episode of the TV series Black mirror. After watching the film, we will discuss together the issues raised by the movie.

Join to our lessons!