TBC and movie night

Hello Lefkadians!

We hope you are enjoying the Carnival as much as we are and that you still make space in your calendar for our new and exciting events happening this week:
On Monday 20th at 8p.m. we will have an Introduction to TBC (Top Body Challenge) by one of our volunteers, who will explain what this 12-week exercise challenge is about and will give an introductory lesson… the first of many!

On Tuesday 21st at 9p.m. we have another session of Movie Night. This time we will show “Captain Fantastic”, an entrancing movie about family values and alternative ways of living.

So don’t miss on this opportunity to get on shape again and please also join us for an interesting movie night full of emotions and life-changing experiences.

Both events will take place at Karavella 12, Lefkas.

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