Spring Events!

Hello Lefkadians!

As you all now this week we are celebrating the Spring Equinox and for that, from this week on we will start introducing some outdoors activities now that the weather is becoming warmer and warmer.

So the events for this week are as follows:
On Tuesday at 20:00 we have an introductory class to Fishing with local volunteer Adonis
On Wednesday at 19:00 Tia Bley will organize another workshop on Collage, Decollage and Assemblage📰
On Thursday at 21:00 we will hold a Movie Night featuring “Adam’s Apples”, a Danish “black comedy-drama” on second chances… is rehabilitation possible?👣
We hope you join us for this week’s amazing activities, taking place at our office in 12 Karavella Street, Lefkada.
See you there!